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[image of cover of Golden Earrings]
Golden Earrings — CLICK HERE to BUY
Golden Earrings is a triumph that recalls the past glory of classic guitar-vocal duets like Les Paul and Mary Ford or Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald. This intimate and inspired series of duets effectively pays twin tributes. Initially conceived by jazz singer Laura Theodore as a tribute to the revered vocalist and popular music icon Peggy Lee, whose alluring, "cool" style captivated listeners through the '40s, '50s and '60s, it also stands as a tribute to the late guitar great Joe Beck, who passed away on July 22, 2008 at age 62 due to complications from lung cancer. While Theodore may have sparked the notion of interpreting tunes written by the songwriting partnership of Peggy Lee and her guitarist-husband Dave Barbour, it was Beck who came up with the intriguing arrangements and reharmonizations that underscore this winning collaboration.
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  [image of cover of Better Days]
Better Days — CLICK HERE to BUY
Award-winning jazz singer and PBS chef Laura Theodore, teams with master pianist Don Rebic on this lively single from the popular public television series, Jazzy Vegetarian. "Cooking is like singing jazz: spicy improvisations with a delightful result!" - Laura Theodore
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  [image of cover of What the World Needs Now]
What the World Needs Now Is Love — CLICK HERE to BUY
This CD contains immortal standards, ranging from the Golden Age of Gershwin and Rodgers, and swinging us on to Bacharach and the blues, which Laura burnishes with awesome authority and authenticity. Joined by the Juliene Purefoy Big Band and featuring special guests Brian Murphy, Chuck Bergeron, Doug Michels, Hernan “Teddy” Mulet, Noah Brandmark and Lee Schwartz, this fine recording will take you into the world of New Vintage Jazz. Celebrated jazz pianist Bertha Hope remarked, in response to this recording, “Laura Theodore sings rings around anyone on the jazz, blues or pop scene today.”
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[image of cover of What Is This Thing Called Jazz?]
What Is This Thing Called Jazz? — CLICK HERE to BUY
On this beautiful CD, Laura showcases unique interpretations of some of her favorite jazz standards. “She is an extraordinary four-octave singer who blends jazz, blues, soul, and pop into seemingly the only possible expression” (New York Post). Laura has created her version of the present day smooth jazz sound, featuring an impressive array of musicians, including Eric Wollman on guitar, Kelly Conner and Don Rebic on piano, Leon Dorsey and Don Gladstone on bass, and Vincent Ector and Neil Tufano on drums.
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[image of cover of Tonight’s the Night]
Tonight’s The Night — CLICK HERE to BUY.
Laura’s debut CD won the BUBS Award from Musician Magazine in 1995. Co-written with pianist Don Rebic, with Big Band charts arranged by Alan Foust, this recording contains six originals and three cover tunes, and features some of New York’s finest musicians, including Randy Brecker on trumpet, Joe Beck on guitar, Chip Jackson on bass, Michael Berkowitz on drums, and Andy Snitzer and Lou Marini on sax.
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[image of cover of Live at Vartan Jazz]
Live at Vartan Jazz — CLICK HERE to BUY.
This recording, captured “Live at Vartan Jazz” in Denver, is distinctly “alive,” showcasing riveting intensity, soulfulness, and mastery of style in familiar jazz staples as well as some lesser-known but compelling compositions. Special guests Jimmy Cook and Rich Chiaraluce sit in on tenor.
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[image of cover of We’re Only Human]
We’re Only Human — CLICK HERE to BUY
Laura crosses the line into new musical realms. A true “Top 40 New Age album” that your kids will listen to as well! Producer Dik Darnell describes the recording: “Laura sings of the Earth Mother, of love and healing, of freedom and the search for our true home...the one inside.”
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